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Many of our clients purchase property far away from home. The anxiety of an overseas purchase can cause a great deal of stress.

Having a trustworthy and knowledgeable established agent coordinate your purchase and keep you regularly informed and clearly explaining all implications and pitfalls saves you both time and prevents loss due to ill-advised and fraudulent transactions.

We have an impeccable record of handling clients purchase from start to finish.


How we can help you

Property Management

Post purchasing your home, the concern for most owners is who is going to manage the home on your behalf . Part of our Groups evolution has been to vertically integrate our services , one of which is to provide our buyers with management services that ensure that their home is maintained to high standards even when they are away to make it always at the top of future buyers lists and a great rental prospect where this is part of the purchase goal. Our in-house property maintenance teams provide cleaning, maintenance and accounting for our clients ensuring a long term relationship with our clients .

Architectural Design and Planning Permission

As the only property brokerage with its own full-time Architects, we are able to deliver architectural drawings within days and not weeks or months as is often the case in Thailand when the service is outsourced. From the moment you visit our office and show our architects your desired home style , we can have sketch ups done in a few days and renderings done in a week and turn the imagined home into an actual visual model . Once approved , we can help select a suitable plot of land if you don’t have one already and help get your construction permit.

Land Acquisition

You’ve heard the saying “location, location , location! “. One has to imagine that there shall come a time when you may need to sell the home you build . So picking the right location is important for your capital appreciation, which is why most owners invest in Realestate . One of the benefits of using an agency such as ours is our market knowledge and predictive analytics of the market and our knowledge of both current high growth areas and the upcoming areas . Being guided honestly, accurately and realistically is the key to a successful property investment that goes beyond an ego purchase.

Investment Management

Coordinating and brokering business partnerships between foreign investors and local partners and providing local representation . Our strong investment knowledge and ability to recognize market gaps and high potential opportunities allows us to point investors in the right direction for opportunities and allows fuels employment and development opportunities through direct foreign investment on a micro level .

Rental and Resale services

Our strategic locations on both the western seaboard and Andaman coast as well as the Gulf of Thailand and the Centre, Bangkok means that we have pooled together regions of domestic cross-demand , allowing our owners to benefit from local buyers and short-term vacation renters within the kingdom and not be solely reliable on overseas buyers. This has proved to be particularly important during the covid pandemic when Thailand was closed to foreign visitors and having cash-ready , well-travelled local clients drives domestic demand for rentals and resales.


Price point is one of the most important makers and breakers of deals. Ensuring that your property is properly positioned on the market and that you have a realistic outlook on market pricing, market demand and the correct assessment of the specific market direction are important in predicting how long your property is likely to be on the market and how fast it may sell. We are happy to help evaluate your options.

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We use our vast local experience to give an accurate and realistic assessment of your home’s market value by taking all market conditions and capital input into considering.


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